Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tokyo Anime Fair 2006

I have learned about it today at about 2pm from Danny's Website. Ofcourse today was the last day, but I thought what the hell I should go. So I went to Odaiba, which is actually quite far from my house... But I thought that would be a good opportunity to take some nice images with my new camera. On my way there, I took some interesting ones

And after about 2 hours I was at Odaiba's Tokyo Big Sight which is this futuristic Star-Wars-Empire-Side building, with MANY people carrying anime-drawn bags full of merchantise

The inside was sparsely decorated

and even though the exhibition was until 6pm and I was there at 4.30pm, they stopped selling tickets... Very very disappointed I returned back to Shibuya, while taking some images of the interesting buildings around Odaiba

I also took some images of Shibuya on a Sunday evening. Have a look how it's like...

I am very very disappointed... You can at least see Danny's images here.

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