Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finaly... the new camera.

I managed to get it! After the disappointing stroll in Akihabara, I went to Shibuya and saw the camera for Y4000 less. Still, that price was high compared to Amazon.co.jp's. So, I thought, I should get it by the net. BUT, when I came home, the camera was out of stock. It's ok, I said. I will take it from Shibuya. So I woke up yesterday and travelled to Shibuya. I got to the store and asked for the camera.


More than irritated, I went to the closest to my house department store and got the camera for even more. Still better than greek prices, relatively same with english. In any case I GOT IT! And I am so far happy with it, if you exclude the fact that there is no battery level indicator...

Some samples. The view from my house on a day

and on a night

More interesting photos soon...

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