Monday, March 20, 2006

Kobe beef night and the first cherry blossoms!

I had a great night yesterday. we went with Yoko-san to a Kobe-beef place. for those who don't know, it's a specially treated kind of beef. it is rumoured that the cows are being massaged and fed beer to have a better taste.

and believe me, they do... by far the best beef I have ever had.

ofcourse, at a Y12000 (60 pounds/85 euros) price for the set menu with 200grams of beef it's not an everyday treat. Still, TOTALY worth it!

after the fantastic meal, I also witnessed my first cherry-blossoms (sakura)! the "national" flower of Japan, captures the spirit of life's frailty for the japanese people, since the cherry blossoms stay for only a little while every year. a beautiful but very short sight, it is usually accompanied by the hanami, picnics in parks and general feel-good mood. the media crazily follows the cherry-blossoms evolution from the north to the south of Japan. truly sugoi.

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geo said...

So the Spring has officially come, there! I'm envious... :P