Tuesday, February 28, 2006


btw, it's approximately my birthday today... still, it's not the best thing to spend one's almost birthday inside an airplane, but my family and friends gave me a surprise party on Saturday so I'm not complaining.

I have to wait for two more years to have a decent birthday...

In (snowy) Zurich again...

It has been a great week. I have seen many good friends, I have been to Athens, Thessaloniki, Edessa, Giannitsa and seen from my university years, I had my fair share of coffees and great food and a new (impressive! who would have thought...) passport.

I am once more in snowy Zurich with the most decent internet connection I have had in a week and preparing for a two-month run of hard-work.

It was worth it.

Thank you sensei.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

In Zurich...

It has been a while... しばらくでしょうね。I have finished a report I had to submit yesterday and it took a lot of time... anyways...

I'm back in Europe! currently i'm spending some time in the Zurich airport, having lost 12euros trying to get my laptop to connect to the net...

In any case, I'm very excited to go back to greece since I will be seeing many of my friends that I haven't seen in ages. So my flight schedule was/is:

7.00am Hiyoshi -> Shibuya (by train)
8.09am Shibuya-> Narita Airport (by train)
11.00am Narita -> Zurich (+14hours by airplane)
9.00 pm Zurich -> Athens
7.00 am Athens -> Salonika
9.30 am Salonika->Edessa
13.00 pm Edessa->Giannitsa

that's a total of 25 hours of constant travel!!!!!!! the highlight was a half-an-hour long conversation with a japanese person sitting next to me in japanese! I REALLY need to study from now on...

given the fact that I have slept for about 2 hours at saturday night, it is fairly interesting....

especially when I will go to the police station to get the new passport.

the mood will be great for "public service screaming" --- greek style.

more soon...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Fantastic new comic!

the story of a irish ninja who's at the same time a doctor! Dr. McNinja... enjoy.

Snowing in tokyo...

I haven't posted those. they're 3 weeks old... Yokohama and Tokyo in their white clothes!

News update

My truly great professor in Japan decided the following:

  1. I should go back to Greece for a week and get a new passport. (yeaaaaaaaa!)
  2. I should stay 2 more months in Japan until May (super-yeaaaaaaaaa!)
and that's it. Excellent new for me, who was hoping to stay some more in Japan. So, I will see you in Greece! and people in London, two months later than initially anticipated :P

An amazing day in Yokohama

I had the chance to spend yesterday in Yokohama with great company. we saw Munich and talked alot. closed about 3 coffee-shops :P. but we discussed like old friends even though we don't know much about each other. I am really glad I met that person. yesterday's result: today's fever...