Saturday, October 01, 2005

Soba at the Hiyoshi Station

japanese soba (here topped with seaweed) is the answer to italian spaghetti. made from buckwheat, it is black and can be eaten both cold and hot, even though cold is considered to be better by the soba experts. you eat the soba by putting it in the provided sauce which has a great salty taste. also, making a sound while eating soba is a sign of a person who knows a lot of things about soba (soba-chu).

in addition to soba, very taste shrimps fried in tempura style (very very tasty), tofu cheese and, ofcourse, rice.

at the end of the meal, in good soba shops, the residue water from the boiling of the soba is being brought to dilute the salty (but not that salty for greeks) soba sauce. the sauce is then drunk.


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