Sunday, October 30, 2005

My favourite album this period

I know that all of you are wondering what I am listening to now that I'm in Japan... ok, I know you don't, but if you did I would inform you that my favourite album is "Άνοιξα μανταρίνι και σε θυμήθηκα / I peeled a mandarin and remembered you" by "Λουδοβίκος των Ανωγείων / Loudovikos of Anoghia". Loudovikos is one of my favourite greek artists and his songs are a blend of Cretan and new greek style music. my favourite song out of this album is the following. it describes a person looming in the docs

"Του λιμανιού ο γιος"
στίχοι: Λουδοβίκος

τον έχουν δει να τριγυρνά στου λιμανιού τα σκοτεινά κάθε χειμώνα
αν ζει ο Αλέξανδρος ρωτά κι αν ταξιδεύει στ' ανοιχτά η έρημη γοργόνα

έχει τα μάτια χαμηλά και ξέρει να σιγομιλά με τα ζουμπούλια
σ' αυτό το βλέμα το βαθύ έχουν πολλές φορές χαθεί θαλασσοπούλια

σκύβει στην άμμο και γροικά της θάλασσας τα μυστικά
κι οι σφουγγαράδες τον ρωτούν να δέσουν ή να ξανοιχτούν
στα μάρμαρα του βασιλιά και στης γοργόνας την ποδιά αποκοιμάται

είναι του λιμανιού ο γιος, δεν έχει σπίτι ούτε βιος
μη τον ξυπνάτε...

I tried to translate it as accurately as possible and --- believe me --- it's not easy. here goes!

"The son of the docs"
lyrics by Loudovikos

they've seen him roam in the doc's darknesses every winter
he asks if Alexander is still alive and if the mermaid still swims in the open seas

he has his eyes lowered and he can speak to the flowers
in this deep glare seabirds were lost many times

he bends on the sand and understands the secrets of the sea
and the sponge divers ask him if they should tie their knots or embark
on the king's marbles and on the mermaid's lap he falls asleep

he is the son of the docs, he has no house nor possessions
don't wake him...

I wanted to do this for a long time ;)

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