Tuesday, January 17, 2006


oshogatsu is the traditional japanese festivities and customs surrounding the New Year's Eve celebration. i spent the first day of 2006 in Kawagoe, one of the regions in tokyo that still remind of the Edo era. during the first three days of January, all japanese people have to go to a temple or shrine and pray for good luck for the new year. as you can understand, people flood in temples and it really needs patience that period. this results of course in a large density of shops around and inside the temples selling all kinds of foods, drinks and luck charms. as for me, I was invited by a friend to spend the first day of the year by going to a shrine in Kawagoe and then have dinner with her family. I actually had a great time, her family are very very sweet and kind people and I honestly had fun. on the 3rd, I went with my friend and his brother to the Meiji-shrine which was very very crowded. we had a great time!

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