Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh my God, I just love this country!

Yep, it's only one country... Greece dear all!!! We just cannot be like anyone else... fuck anyone else! We're Greece! So what if we have the most expensive internet in Europe? So what if only a small part of Greece has access to the most expensive ADSL in Europe? FUCK EVERYONE and their efforts! We'll just INCREASE THE PRICE OF DIALUP CONNECTIONS! YOOOHOOO!!! Who the fuck thinks internet is good for the country? It's not... All the rest of the countries trying to minimise internet costs are plain FOOLS! We don't need cheap internet, only more public servants are good for this country. Especially working for the highest grossing company in the country, OTE... Enjoy people. Maybe you want to have a look at the Union of Greek Internet Users' Webpage.

Great way going forward there... Anything else?


geo said...

In a land where Video Games got accidentaly illegal by law (the law still exist, dispite of the EU antimesures against Greece). Were video game festivals get threaten and canceled thanks to this law. Were so many otakus get laughed at and taken as immature people who didn't grow up and still watch cartoons... (lol ok might be true as well!) This doesn't seem all that strange to me...

Anonymous said...

Helas Konstantinos!! Tikanisre?!

I am not quite sure what Japan has done to you - but so many expletives....tsk....tsk!!!!!!!!!

Be Goooood

Nasim :)