Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Japanese Haircut Experience

today was a haircut day. this was the second time I got a haircut, both times on the same hair-salon. you just haven't try a haircut if hadn't had it the japanese way! so I took my friend with me to help me translating (thanks Sugi-chan).

first of all, the towels. I counted that in total the barber used about 20 towels. at one point I had 7 towels around my neck. yes. and you thought 1-2 was enough! ha! he continued his work as any other barber in the world. the poor guy had a cold.

then there was the time of the hair-washing after the cut. suddenly, the chair (mechanically moved obviously) started rotating and expanding to a bed!!! towel no. 17 was immediately on my face while the barber and his assistant washed my hair. when they took the towel from my face the barber was wearing a mask! and that mask is the mask the Japanese (and Michael Jackson) wear when they're having a cold. anyhow, after that he took a special trimmer and he trimmed around my ears!!!! I started laughing. it was so very funny... they took towels no. 18 and 19 off me and gave me a steaming towel to refresh my face.

and how much was it? ¥3150 or £15.26 or 22.38€. and they both went out of the shop when I left to greet me off...

was it worth it? hell yeah!

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