Sunday, September 20, 2009

greek muslims

Why is it weird to read this and become a bit sad? Everyone has their right to believing in whatever they wish as long as they don't restrict the freedom of others and this is definitely one of these cases.

But why do I get this feeling of sadness then since I understand the irrationality of its presence? Have I been too much "raised" in typical greek fashion that I cannot fight something different to the Greek stereotypes? Why the hell does it feel that we "lost" one even though it clearly this isn't the case? Is it because I find the concept of religion to be outdated?

Oh dear...

ps. yes, it's back; in a similar tone,  facebook sucks.


Greeks Rethink said...

Hello. I just happened to come across your post about Greek Muslims. I actually know the girl who was intereviewed in the link you posted. It's natural to try to understand why we, as Greeks, would try to convert to Islam. You can find out the answer to that by just talking with us directly on our website or forum.

Have a nice day!

kzarog said...

Actually, I've spent some time in your website but didn't visit the forums; just read the essays that you have posted. But I will visit the forums soon.

See you there!