Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In Rainbows

At last, the new Radiohead album is here; its name, In Rainbows.

I've been waiting 4 years for this!

Now, the catch. There are two editions. The one is the boxed version for £40 (60E)!!!! And the catch is, it contains 2 CDs and Vinyl versions of the album.

When I saw that I was a bit pissed off! I want a physical entity, but this amount is way too much! Did Radiohead sell out?

That was of course until I saw the second option... Radiohead lets fans price new CD. Yep, they request that you pay what you think the music is worth, with a minimum of 46pence (around 80cents)!!!!!!. Unfortunately only 1CD will be available as a download...

I can just hear the cynics... "Yeah... Radiohead have so much money, all of this goes directly to their pockets..." and stuff like that. And this idea has been around in stores such as Magnatune.

WHO THE HELL CARES! When the greatest rock band in the world does something like this, it is the definitive sign of things to come. Signs of social revolution. It has started...

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